• November 28, 2023
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    Upcoming Events
    Norton Christmas Party
    Dec 02, 2023
    Roanoke Christmas Party
    Dec 16, 2023
    Lebanon Christmas Party
    Dec 17, 2023
    Lebanon Government Center 139 Highlands Dr Lebanon
    Roanoke Retiree Meeting
    Jan 17, 2024
      Weingarten Rights  

    "If this discussion could in any way lead to me being disciplined or terminated, or affect my personal working conditions, I respectfully request that my Union Representative, Officer, or Steward be present at this meeting. Without representation present, I choose not to participate in this discussion"






    HR Onestop 1-888-722-1787

    IDSC  1-866-276-2278

    Benefits Center 1-877-722-0020

    United Healthcare  1-877-506-7221


    Benefits Center 1-888-907-1438

    Payroll: 1-877-222-2373, or ASKHR Ticket. Email is payroll@brightspeed.com


    HR Partner-Kavita Deonarine, SHRM-CP - kavita.deonarine@redcross.org

    HR Now Service Center -833-473-9261

    Benefits Service Center/Leave of Absence 877-860-7526

    Verification of Employment: 800-367-5690 (code 20022)

    Workplace Injury: 877-UC-BLOOD

    IT Service Desk: 888-778-7762


    Benefits Center 1-855-489-2367

    Anthem 1-866-832-1229

    Metlife Dental 1-800-556-3490

    Express Scripts 1-877-877-1878

    Davis Vision 1-800-999-5431

    Sedgewick 1-800-638-4228

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    NCPSO - Virginia
    Davis Vision
    CWA District 2-13
    Retired Members Council
    Express Scripts


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      Why do we wear red on Thursday? (Click Here)

      Congratulations to Red Cross Mobile Collections for  unanimously voting to join CWA Local 2204 on 02/07/23! 

      Congratulations to Red Cross employees of Blacksburg, Lynchburg, Roanoke and Salem for unanimously voting to join CWA Local 2204 on 08/23/22!

      Welcome Everyone!

      See more information as it comes under Member Resources- Red Cross 

      2023 Scholarship Winners

      Grayson Haskins -selected Local 2204 scholarship and District 2-13 Vincent and Patricia Maisano Labor Scholarship winner.

      Abigail Ricker -selected Local 2204 scholarship winner.

      Congratulations and best wishes on your future endeavors!!

      With all the changes and potential stress that is happening in our lives and work today, please make sure to utilize your Employee Assistance Programs to help you and your families.  Lots of good information regarding healthcare, finances, stress and much more.

      AT&T Mobility  866-263-9523 www.liveandworkwell.com

      Lumen  800 803-3737  www.mybeaconwellbeing.com

      Verizon  888-441-8674  www.anthem.com/eap/verizon

      AT&T Mobility Bargaining Rally 05/19/22- Lebanon Call Center

      See all the photos in the photo gallery!!

      What's New at CWA 2204

      Congratulations go out to :

      Stacey Jones - Retirement

      Michael Gilley - Retirement

      Zach Harold - Retirement

      Richard Nelson- Retirement

      Gabriella Hanley - Retirement

      Janice Overstreet - Retirement

      Paul Patuto - Retirement

      Joe Whitehead - Retirement

      Mark Perkins - Marriage

      Fred Fowler - Marriage

      Pedro Martinez - Birth of Granddaughter

      Courtney Cline-Smith - Marriage

      Spring Finch - Birth of Granddaughter

      Bobby Moore Jr - Retirement

      Mark Perkins - Birth of Grandson

      Condolences go out to:

      Edwin Beamer - Retiree

      Carlos "Buddy" Garrett - Retiree

      Ryan Brown - Father

      Judith Wade - Retiree

      Roy Neff - Retiree

      Frankie Tate - Retiree

      Neal Lane - Mother

      Diana Collyer - Retiree

      Lynn Cassell - Retiree

      Jack Williams - Retiree

      Freddie Walters - Retiree

      Irene Light - Retiree

      John Porterfield - Retiree

      Kathy Reed - Retiree

      Loretta Bowman - Retiree

      Joseph L Mullins - Retiree

      Debbie Shortt - Retiree/RMC Chapter President

      Don Atkinson - Wife

      Robyn Tingler - Father

      Chris Wright - Uncle

      Daniel Reid - Retiree

      Doug "DB" Mason - Retiree

      Tamra Atkinson - Retiree

      Adam Hess - Grandmother

      Benny Drew - Retiree

      Elmer "Buzz" Conner -  Retiree

      Carolyn Pleasant - Retiree

      Marlena Snowden - Brother In Law

      Jodie Moore - Stepfather

      Chuck Simpson - Sister

      Cheryl Peck - Member

      Monica Sue Wilson - Retiree

      Eric Salyer - Father

      Larry Salyer - Retiree

      Jim Slaughter - Retiree

      Sylvia Marshall - Retiree

      Mark Perkins - Mother in Law

      Ryan Brown - Mother

      Horace Creasy - Retiree

      Ethan Addair - Great Grandmother

      Benjamin Barnett- Retiree

      Virginia Shutters - Retiree

      Phyllis Young - Retiree

      Andy Marsinko - Retiree

      Mike King - Retiree

      Courtney Cromer - Grandmother

      Gilda Carden - Retiree

      Tara Eads - Grandmother

      Jamie Kiser - Aunt

      Ken Hall - Retiree

      Glenn Brillheart - Retiree

      Earl Shaffer - Retiree

      Daniel Bailey - Father In Law

      Laken White - Grandfather

      Laura Rotenberry - Mother

      Allen Asbury - Sister

      Jeane Marsh - Retiree

      Josh Basham - Step-Daughter

      Cliff Mullins - Mother In Law

      Barbara Carter - Brother

      Floyd Markham - Retiree

      Jeremy Horn - Father-In-Law

      Lois Williamson - Retiree

      Courtney Cline-Smith - Grandfather 

      Faye Quam - Retiree

      Gary Robbins - Retiree

      Charlie Hudnall - Retiree

      Lawrence Baker - Retiree

      Hannah Long - Mother-In-Law

      Roger Sewell - Member

      Mickey Cochran - Former member

      Bethany Osborne - Aunt

      Kaitlyn Owens - Aunt

      Robert Davis - Retiree

      Marlena Snowden - Grandmother

      Rick Gardner - Mother

      Fred Ingram - Retiree

      Chirs Widener - Uncle

      Lisa Kincaid - Brother

      Donna "Moose" Fleming -  Retiree

      Betty Franklin - Retiree

      Heather Cantu - Father

      Harold Willis - Retiree

      CLUW Woman of the Year award- Deb Casey
      Lebanon Picnic
      Deb Retirement
      Lebanon Picnic
      Deb Casey retirement
      CenturyLink Bargaining Rally 2021
      CenturyLink Bargaining Rally 2021
      Labor Headlines

      US labour news headlines from LabourStart

      Amazon pays a small price to resolve employee Caes Gruesbeck's death - and it's not the first time
      Record profits, record contracts: Autoworkers’ union in the US scores an impressive victory
      Apple illegally denied benefits to the first unionized store in the country, says National Labor Relations Board
      Macy's workers in Washington state to strike for three days from Black Friday
      Volkswagen becomes the latest automaker to hike wages for U.S. factory workers

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      The UAW Strike May Have Finally Set Us Up for a General Strike
      2024 Pocket Calendars
      The UAW Strike May Have Finally Set Us Up for a General Strike
      The Biggest Delivery Business in the U.S. is Not UPS or FedEx
      Shop Steward
      The Biggest Delivery Business in the U.S. is Not UPS or FedEx
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      Updated: Nov. 28 (14:04)

      The UAW Strike May Have Finally Set Us Up for a General Strike
      Teamsters Local 355
      2024 Pocket Calendars
      International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 194
      The UAW Strike May Have Finally Set Us Up for a General Strike
      Teamsters Local 992
      The Biggest Delivery Business in the U.S. is Not UPS or FedEx
      Teamsters Local 992
      Shop Steward
      Communications Workers of America Local 1107
      The Biggest Delivery Business in the U.S. is Not UPS or FedEx
      Teamsters Local 355

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